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Sutherland & Lamb


Sutherland + Lamb Family-21_edited.jpg

Nathaniel, Mary & Hazel Lamb

The Sutherland and Lamb Family Photo Collection finds its origins in a photo album that belonged to my grandmother, Hazel (Lamb) Ferguson. Hazel, as an only child, was one of the only individuals from the Lamb and Sutherland families possessing direct knowledge and insight into our ancestral history.


She would often regale us with stories of her upbringing in Englishtown, Nova Scotia. However, these photos have breathed life into her tales, allowing us a glimpse into the lives of our great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents in the early 1900s.

The origine of this photo collection are from Englishtown known as Mohagadecek by the Miꞌkmaq, the ancestral land of the Mi'kmaq people.

Mary & Nathaniel

Archibald and Christine

In the tapestry of our family history, Archibald Sutherland and Christine (McDonald) Sutherland, also known as Archie and Christie were our great-great-grandparent's. They were married in 1903 in Whitney Pier.
They had 5 children, Mary Sarah (Lamb), born in 1896, followed closely by Kenneth  in 1897. May Florence in 1904, and then the births of Peter in 1905 and Effie Anne (Blake) in 1907.
Archibald Sutherland and Christie McDonald married on 20 July 1903 at Whitney Pier, Cape Breton County
Archie Sutherland death at Sydney, Cape Breton County in 1925
Christine Sutherland in the 1940 Census

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Archibald Sutherland

Sutherland + Lamb Family-51.jpg

Christine (McDonald) Sutherland

Christie MacDonald Sutherland

Mary (Sultherland) Lamb

Mary Sarah (Sutherland) Lamb was born in Englishtown on July 14, 1896, to Archibald Sutherland and Christine MacDonald Sutherland. She was the eldest among her four siblings (Peter, Kenneth, May & Effie) and became the proud mother of Hazel, born in 1933. Mary peacefully passed away on September 15, 1985.
Sutherland + Lamb Family-10.jpg

Nathaniel Lamb

Born on August 4, 1885, in Englishtown, Nathaniel Lamb, known as "Nettie," was the son of Thomas Lamb and Isabelle Macleod. His life took him and his wife, Mary Sutherland Lamb, to Brooklyn, New York, where he excelled in carpentry and cabinet making. They eventually returned to Englishtown and welcomed their only child, Hazel, when Nettie was 48. He peacefully passed away at the age of 82.

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The Sutherland siblings, in chronological order, include Mary Sarah (Lamb), born in 1896,  Kenneth in 1897, May Florence in 1904, Peter in 1905, and Effie Anne (Blake) in 1907. Missing from these photos, siblings Effie and Kenneth, appear in the general photo collection.

Sutherland + Lamb Family-54.jpg

Peter, May & Mary

Sutherland + Lamb Family-55.jpg

 May & Mary

Sutherland + Lamb Family-37.jpg


Sutherland + Lamb Family-3mm5.jpg

Lamb Homestead

Christine and Rena

This cherished photograph, captured around 1890s in Plymouth, Massachusetts, features Christine (Sutherland) and Rena (Macaskill), the daughters of Peter Mcdonald and Annie Mackay (our Great - Great-Great-Grandparents).


Christine was born 1867, while Rena, born on August 15, 1877, in Englishtown, Nova Scotia.

Christie MacDonald Sutherland & Aunt Rena MacAskill

Sutherland + Lamb Family2-47_edited_edited.jpg

The Roaring

Within these family photos, we uncover a treasury of memories, capturing a bygone era and providing a window into the dynamic lives of our great-grandparents during the lively 1920s.


Nettie (Nathaniel) was the youngest among Thomas and Isabelle Lamb's children. His older sister, Annie Jane Lamb Mackay, married Neil Allen Mackay and had 6 children including, Thomas J. Mackay & (wife Dolena C. Macleod), Dorcas (husband Malcolm Mackinnon) Dolena (husband William Mackenzie) Jessie and Sadie Bell.


In numerous photographs, the MacKay family is captured alongside Nettie and Mary Lamb, reflecting their close ties and adventures they shared during their trips to the United States.


Annie Lamb birth Englishtown, Victoria County on November 3, 1873
Neil MacKay and Annie Lamb married on 28 April 1898 at Victoria County
Thomas John MacKay birth Cape Dauphin, Victoria County on May 16, 1900
Sadie Bell MacKay birth Cape Dauphin, Victoria County on March 17, 1904
Dorcas MacKay birth Cape Dauphin, Victoria County on September 13, 1902

Sutherland + Lamb Family2-1-2.jpg

Sadie Bell Mackay & Nathaniel Lamb

Sutherland + Lamb Family2-1-3.jpg

Mary & Nathaniel Lamb

Sutherland + Lamb Family-15.jpg

Malcolm Mackinnon, Sadie Bell, Dorcus Mackinnon & Nathaniel Lamb 

Sutherland + Lamb Family-12.jpg

Malcolm Mackinnon, Sadie Bell Mackay, Dolena Mackay, Mary Lamb & Tom Mackay

Sutherland + Lamb Family2-1-2_edited.jpg

Malcolm Mackinnon, Tom MacKay & Nathaniel Lamb

Sadie Bell MacKay, Dolena MacKay, May Sutherland, Tom MacKay, Dorcus Mackinnon & Nathaniel Lamb 

Sutherland + Lamb Family-46.jpg

Tom MacKay, Dolena MacKay, May Sutherland, Dorcus Mackinnon, Sadie Bell MacKay & Nathaniel Lamb 

Sutherland + Lamb Family-38_edited_edite

 Sadie Bell MacKay, Dolena MacKay, Mary Lamb

Sutherland + Lamb Family-27.jpg

Mary Lamb, Tom MacKay, Dolena MacKay, Sadie Bell MacKay

Sutherland + Lamb Family-41.jpg

Tom MacKay &
Nathaniel Lamb (holding umbrella)

Sutherland + Lamb Family-5n2.jpg


 Jessie Anna Lamb Brewer

Jessie Annie Lamb was a daughter of Thomas Lamb & Isabelle Macleod and sister to Nathaniel and Jessie . She married Bertram Brewer, from Ingonish. Jessie passed away on March 8, 1946, while Bertram Brewer followed in 1957.

Sutherland + Lamb Family2-21.jpg

 Neil MacKay and

Jessie Brewer

Uncle Neil MacKay, Bertram &  Jessie Brewer, Tom MacKay, Charlie, Pearl, Everett, Nathaniel, Mary and Hazel

The Gaels of Cape Breton

In a 1946 video, we glimpse into Englishtown and the life of our ancestors. The captivating footage offers a window into the bygone days, showcasing the rugged beauty of Englishtown. Here, small flocks of sheep peacefully graze on the picturesque hills, their wool destined for the age-old crafts of spinning and weaving, reflecting the rich traditions of the past.